PLX Technologies

PLX Technology, Inc. is a leading global supplier of high-speed connectivity solutions enabling emerging data center architectures. PLX was first to market with PCIe Gen3 silicon and has ushered in today’s powerful PCIe-based enterprise data center and consumer platforms. PLX offers a market-leading 18 PCIe Gen3 ExpressLane switch devices with flexible configurations ranging from three ports and 12 lanes, and up to 24 ports with 96 lanes, all of which enable PLX to champion external PCIe applications through its ExpressFabric initiative.


Gedae collaborated with Kontron and NA Software to develop the StarVX HPEC System. Gedae's role was conversion of NA Software's cutting edge implementation of a SARMTI algorithm into Gedae's Idea Language followed by optimization on the Kontron Intel Hardware. The results: a reduction in the lines of code from ~9K to 750 and a 35% performance improvement, all with a few weeks of effort.

Developed over 25 years in a variety of world class technology organization’s the Gedae technologies functionality and value have been continually verified by customer use on production programs like the Eurofighter’s CAPTOR RADAR, in addition to 40 others


Kontron is a premier member of Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance program.

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