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Cellular gateway til 'off-road' applikationer

Kontrons nye EvoTRAC G102 gateway tilbyder cellular konnektivitet til den næste generation af in-vehicle systemer, der skal kunne fungere under 'off-road' anvendelseskonditioner (in...


Kontron: nuovi prodotti con i processori Intel di ottava generazione

Kontron ha annunciato nuove schede, moduli e sistemi embedded basati sui processori Intel Core/Xeon di ottava generazione, quelli con il nome in codice Coffee Lake. I primi prodotti con questa...


Kontron glisse Xeon D à 16 cœurs et GPU AMD à 1,2 Tflops dans un seul emplacement VPX

Le fabricant de cartes, sous-systèmes et systèmes prêts à l’emploi pour les marchés de l’embarqué et de l’Internet des objets Kontron a développé un module mezzanine au format XMC bâti sur l’un...


Gateway router brings next-gen connectivity to the aircraft

Kontron has announced the addition of the ACE Flight 1600 Gateway Router to Kontron's ACE Flight product line. The ACE Flight 1600 Gateway Router is a small form factor, avionics networking...


COTS Single Board Computer

Kontron announced the VM6103, a new 6U VME SBC with NXP Layerscape scalable multi-core 64-bit ARMT processor. The low power dissipation blade computer features more than 4600DMIPS while drawing...



Man kan jo skrive spalte op og spalte ned om, hvor mange mennesker og udstillere, der har været til en givent arrangement, og så bruge det som en succesparameter. Men det holder faktisk ikke i...


Kontron and NXP collaborate on edge computing for the IIoT

NXP Semiconductors and Kontron announce their collaboration to couple NXP's i.MX and Layerscape families of Arm-based processors with Kontron/S&T's expertise in hardware and software to create...


Qseven Computer-on-Modules are energy efficient and powerful

Kontron has announced for the first time two new modules in the Qseven form factor at embedded world 2018. Depending on the requirements, the Qseven-Q7AL module is available with Intel Atom,...


Kontron Security Solution: Un concetto innovativo per la sicurezza delle applicazioni IoT e Industry 4.0 (Italian)

Kontron ha sviluppato un approccio olistico alla protezione dei sistemi embedded basato sulla sicurezza a livelli di BIOS, sistema operativo e applicazioni.


Collaboration on edge computing for the Industrial IoT

NXP Semiconductors and Kontron, part of technology group S&T have announced their collaboration to couple NXP's i.MX and Layerscape families of Arm-based processors with Kontron/S&T's expertise in...


AMD Ryzen 'Embedded V1000' processorer porteres til COM Express og Mini-ITX

Kontron has announced modules and boards based on the new AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 processors at Embedded World 2018. Kontron uses the platform for formfactor COM Express Compact and Mini-ITX. 


The SMARC™ Evolution

Martin Unverdorben, Chairman at Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET) and Product Manager SMARC at Kontron AG, appreciates SMARC™2.0, SGET’s new version of ist popular...


Industry Statement by Hannes Niederhauser: "L’edge et le fog computing constitueront l'interface entre domaines IT et OT dans les usines" (French)

L’année 2018 apportera des changements et des progrès notables dans les domaines de l’industrie 4.0 et de l’informatique embarquée dans les usines. Six grandes tendances se dégagent selon Hannes...


Kontron Expands Operations Equipment Portfolio

APEX Insight: Kontron introduced its new Ace Flight 4608 server at APEX EXPO in Singapore today. Designed to meet sophisticated communication application requirements, it will enhance airlines’...


Kontron airborne hardware and Immfly software combine in wireless inflight entertainment solution for Iberia Express Airlines

Engineers at Immfly, an in-flight digital solutions provider in Barcelona, Spain, have qualified an advanced airborne server and cabin wireless access point (CWAP) from Kontron, a global provider...


Kontron, Immfly successfully collaborate on wireless IFE for Iberia Express

Kontron, a global market leader for embedded computing technology (ECT), today announced that in-flight digital solutions provider Immfly has successfully qualified Kontron’s advanced airborne...


Simplify NFV/SDN with converged hardware/software platform

Kontron’s Symkloud converged infrastructure platform future-proofs data centers with modular design and integrated compute, storage, and switching for wireless, video and IoT/data analytic...


Interview: Kontron

Featuring the company’s Sven Freudenfeld, responsible for Business Development at Kontron’s Telecom and Cloud Infrastructure Communication Business Unit.


Applied Micro Circuits Increases Focus On NFV To Help Accelerate X-Gene Revenue

There has been a lot of buzz in the industry over the last several years about ARM Holdings ’ and its partners’ plans to go after the datacenter market with a particular focus on servers....


Proof of Concept: Broadcast Quality 4K/UHD Video Transcoding in the Cloud

Kontron works with ISV video transcoding partners to achieve 60fps HEVC video transcoding of 4K/UHD streams on SYMKLOUD Converged Modular Servers using up to 18 Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v4...


Modular Platform Approach Enables Predictive Productivity

As manufacturing becomes more automated and distributed, it also needs to be configurable and reliable so that manufacturers can react quickly to changing conditions yet protect their investments...


HPEC and Virtualization Technologies Strength Military Networking

No discussion of military communications and networks today is complete without addressing the threat of cyber attacks. That is why cyber security is taking center stage in recent DoD initiatives...


IBC 2015 video interview – Sven Freudenfeld, Kontron

Sven Freudenfeld, business development, telecom and cloud at Kontron, talks about the challenges facing content owners in meeting demand for 4K video and the benefits of cloud solutions.


Intelligent Intensive Ventilation Thanks to a Strong Processor Module

Sudden respiratory arrest or acute respiratory distress - a patient's life can be at stake within a matter of seconds in such critical situations. Intensive care ventilators are indispensible in...


Unmanned robot as A-Team for army and civil defense

In critical environments, military and civilian task forces often use unmanned robots in order to scout the terrain and eliminate hot spots. Roboteam has developed the ROCU-7, an intelligent...


Kontron discusses the impact virtualization can have on network capacity, including how NFV bolsters voice and video efficiency

Network capacity issues continue to impact mobile operators as consumer demand for voice and video services surpasses the billions of dollars spent on spectrum and advances in network technology...


Interview with Rolf Schwirz – Chief Executive Officer, Kontron

Where does your company fit in the Internet of Things technology trend? How will you benefit from the projected growth?

Kontron’s customers are creating innovative IoT-solutions and transforming...


Applicationready platform choices expand rugged application possibilities

Defense OEMs must find a way to cost-effectively meet mounting data throughput and processing needs with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms in smaller form factors. Application-ready...


Kontron outlines recent developments in inflight Wi-Fi

Kontron has issued a document entitled “Beyond Wireless IFE” that explains some of the issues surrounding the use of wireless access points (WAPs) and Wi-Fi onboard an aircraft.


As worries over in-flight hacking increase, Kontron intros speedy, secure cabin access point

In-flight Wi-Fi may have gotten a boost with embedded computing technology company Kontron's Cab-n-Connect, an A100 cabin wireless access point (CWAP) that the company says improves bandwidth...


Kontron comes out loud and proud about wireless system security

News headlines about hackers trying to find vulnerabilities in inflight entertainment (IFE) and communications systems on board aircraft may have died down for now, but behind the scenes the...


IoT deployers must plan for application evolution

Prem Kumar, VP Technology Platform, Kontron

Filmed at: Internet of Things World, Moscone Center, San Francisco, May 12-13, 2015

Prem Kumar says that those wanting to introduce commercial IoT...


Rich COM Express Options and SMARC Alternatives Add Complexity to Design Strategies

It takes an understanding of connected embedded application needs in order to choose the right PICMG COM Express Computer-on-Module (COM), with choices defined by form factor and pin-out types. 


Pre-Tested Box Solutions Accelerate UAV Payload Designs

Validated small form factor box-level systems are emerging as as high value design tools. For complex, space-constrained applications like UAV payloads these systems accelerate the path toward...


Best practices in meeting oil and gas data acquisition needs

Similar to other industrial markets, oil and gas operations are realizing the powerful results of harnessing data to improve processes, make more-informed business decisions, and manage safety,...


Many Approaches Vie for Board and Box Integration Success

Today’s performance hungry military applications require a variety of board and system solutions for success. Technologies such as COM Express, VPX and PCI Express form a spectrum of solutions...


Kontron: A long history of embedded systems for the future of the Internet of Things

The momentum of the Internet of Things is growing strongly and its transformative power starts to appear clear to many industries. Certainly, there are challenges to be faced in terms of...

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