Panel PC / Human Machine Interface

具备多种规格的平板电脑以及Micro Client产品线具备卓越的处理性能 ,最高可支持低功耗 Intel Core Duo TM 处理器。具备7"至19"寸屏幕大小,提供多种接口选择。 可根据客户的需求增添相应功能。100%兼容工业标准的平板电脑及显示器可满足最严酷环境的工业需求,可抗冲击、振动以及应对极端温度环境。
平板电脑 / Micro Client

Kontron FlatClient

With its FlatClient industrial HMI series, available as ECO and PRO version, Kontron offers high flexibility with respect to the design. The front options offer a choice between either PCAP touch, resistive touch, or protection glass.


Industrial grade Panel PCs in regular or wide format

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FlatClient XXL New

Large Format Industrial Grade Panel PCs from 32 up to 65 inches with/without IR-touch for deployment on the factory floor.

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FlatClient XXL DSG New

Large Format Industrial Grade Panel PCs from 32 up to 75 inches with/without PCAP touch up to Ultra-HD resolution

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Kontron FusionClient

The innovative and modular FusionClient HMI series combines a frameless multi-touch interface with the performance and flexibility of the Kontron COM Express Computer-on-Module.

Kontron FusionClient

Industrial grade Panel PC with multitouch and frameless design

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TRACe-HMI Drivers Console

Specifically designed for transportation systems, Kontron’s new advanced fanless and maintenance-free touch-screen TRACe-HMI offers a flexible platform enabling developers of train control systems to quickly adapt functionality to different needs.


Fanless Railway Driver Console

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