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Welcome to the World of M2M

What is Machine-to-Machine connected computing?

Machine-to-machine connected computing is accelerating as OEMs launch smart services that utilize cloud computing to communicate and aggregate data. Over the next decade billions of devices will be deployed as edge node and gateway devices collecting and sending data. This cross-industry phenomenon is a game changing disruptive force that will push connectivity into a myriad of new and existing device platforms and drive creation of new smart services. Kontron is simplifying M2M for OEMS by providing connected computing M2M intelligent devices, as well as the infrastructure building blocks to enable M2M technology data from the point of collection through the cloud to the point of aggregation and decision making. 

What is the importance of M2M technology?

The M2M ecosystem is rapidly expanding. Wireless operators, MVNOs and ISPs are rolling out new billing programs for M2M wireless broadband transaction services to meet the growing demand for connected computing. Independent software vendors (ISVs), or MAPs (M2M Application Platform) providers as they are becoming known, are providing the middleware and cloud services for client devices to ensure secure real-time computing data compilation that supports direct communications, yet supports seamless integration to existing industry-oriented database systems. OS vendors are responding to M2M market needs with solutions and tools tailored to M2M.

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