M2M Technology

M2M Technology

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M2M System Usage Models

The Kontron M2M System included in the Kontron M2M Smart Services Developer Kit is a “Swiss Army Knife” example of an M2M system that can be used in multiple ways to generate, aggregate and transmit machine to machine data to the cloud. All of the M2M system usage models are “edge” devices that act as either nodes or gateways.


  • Indirect Nodes and Sensors – These devices provide monitoring services, and frequently use WPAN 802.15.4 or WLAN 802.11 wireless communication.
  • Direct Nodes – This device operates in a stand-alone capacity to send and receive data from the cloud, and may use multiple radio technologies to accomplish their mission.
  • Gateways – These devices aggregate data from indirect nodes and sensors and deliver commands back using multiple radio technologies while acting as an onramp to the Cloud on behalf of many indirect nodes and sensors in a localized area.


The Kontron M2M System from the Kontron M2M Smart Service Developer Kit may be used in all three usage models. For development and testing the appropriate WWAN modem and SIM card need to be added for WWAN testing. Additional drivers and network operator certifications may also be needed to support the WWAN module on a given network. Kontron supports OEMS with these requirements via NRE for high volume M2M system commitments.

The Kontron M2M Smart Service Developer Kit’s M2M System supports multiple types of connectivity out of the box for development purposes and testing:


  • Ethernet for wired broadband access
  • 802.15.4 for wireless personal area networking
  • Wi-Fi for wireless local area networking
  • 3G for wireless broadband t networking (integrated or drop-in option)


The extensive capabilities allow the developer and OEM to test the smart services application in a connected environment that will be similar to an actual deployment. Kontron’s M2M Smart Services Developer Kits may be used for pilot deployments as well.

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